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Customers with oily hair are often in a difficult position: they would like to get those glowing and bouncy locks, but not the excess oil from a conditioner on their hair that already has a tendency to become greasy. Luckily there are enough conditioners for oily hair that are specifically formulated to condition the hair without distributing extra oil. If you are the owner of a spa, hair salon or store and you would like to add conditioner for greasy hair to your assortment, you will find all the wholesale conditioner for oily hair in this category with hair products. Browse through our pages and read the product descriptions to see the effects and ingredient list. If you have any questions please contact the supplier or beauty brand about their beauty products.

Conditioner for oily hair wholesale

Shampooing and conditioning the hair starts with awareness about ones hair care routine. Often customers tend to condition their hair the wrong way since they’re not aware that every hair texture has a specific washing and conditioning routine. If your customer has hair that has the tendency to become oily or greasy for example it is important to avoid massaging conditioner directly onto the scalp. Instead they need to focus on the ends, and they shouldn’t leave the product in their hair for too long. They need to rinse thoroughly and give their hair a boost with cold water to seal in moisture and shine. With these steps their greasy hair already gets a boost, however if combined with one of the conditioners for oily hair in this category your customers can say their oily locks farewell. Does your customer specifically have oily roots and dry hair? For this typical split personality hair there are conditioners that give a dose of moisture to the hair without weighing down the roots. Find all the conditioner for oily hair for wholesale on our online beauty trade platform for the beauty industry.

Wholesale conditioner for oily hair

A basic requirement for a conditioner for oily hair is that it should not weight the hair down any further. Most conditioners therefore have formulas that have volumizing, balancing or strenghtening properties. These conditioners are generally less moisturizing that conditioners for dry hair and are more effective at removing excess oils. Some conditioners contain natural ingredients like lemongrass, aloe vera and aromatic oils to help revitalize and nourish the strands. Are you looking for a cruelty-free or vegan products to fight greasy hair? On our platform you will find conditioners that are lightweight and nourish the hair while dissolving the excess oil. 

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