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Are you looking for wholesale hair treatments for your salon or store? Hair treatments are mostly used if the hair is in bad shape, like when it has split ends, is brittle, dry or breaking off. When people get to a certain age they will start losing hair, so they might look for hair thinning treatments. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale hair treatments for all types of hair: straight, wavy, curly and kinky hair. We also offer products for almost all kinds of damage the hair could have gotten: frizz, greasy, oily, sensitive, tangled, split or dyed and treated hair. Find the right wholesale hair treatments by browsing through our categories.

Hair color

Coloring the hair can leave the hair dry, dull and rough as you know, but with the right color-protecting shampoo and conditioner you will be able to moisturize it without losing color. Does the colored hair of you customer need extra care? For an extra moisturizing effect we have different masks in our assortment, as well as a leave-in conditioner. Our wholesale hair styling products nourish the hair and make it soft and supple, while protecting against anti-oxidant agressors and premature color fading. Some hair masks also provide UV-protection, you can find all the effects and ingredients in the product description.

Wholesale hair treatment for damaged hair

If the hair is damaged in any way, it is important to use hair products that will improve the overall health of the hair and focus on moisturizing. Most shampoo cleans and most conditioners hydrate, but in our assortment of wholesale hair products you will also find combinations of shampoos and conditioners that moisturize the hair. This makes dry, coarser hair softer and silkier because there are fatty acids added. We also offer different kinds of moisturizing shampoos, hair masks and conditioner for fine hair so it doesn’t get weightened down and loses its volume. For hair with split ends we offer treatments that temporarily glues the frayed strands together, so hair will appear smoother, fuller and healthier again. Is the hair dry or brittle? Then one of our deep conditioners with a smoothing film might do the trick. Browse through our categories to select the wholesale hair treatments you are looking for and find the right products.

Wholesale Thinning hair treatments

By age 50, most men and women that will come to your salon or store will start complaining about hair loss. As you age, the overall hair density changes and individual strands of hair become finer. In our assortment are different wholesale thinning hair treatments, like conditioners that promote the growth of healthy hair and stimulate the scalp. We also offer serums that activate the hair cuticle and help to protect the hair from cuticle to tip. 

Hair treatments