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Healthy, strong hair that shines starts with the right shampoo. A nourishing shampoo is one of the basics while caring for the hair and on I Trade Beauty you can find wholesale shampoos that not only strenghten the hair but also give it a natural glow. Our products are sorted by hair color and hair type to speed up your search.

Hair type

Straight hair is a breeze if you use a shampoo that relaxes the strands of hair from root to tip, creating sleek, straight and above all manageable hair. In addition some shampoos contain vitamins like B3 and B6 to improve the overall health of your hair. Curly hair benefits from a shampoo that is an effective cleanser without being too harsh on the curls. Without enough conditioning agents it can’t lift the hair’s cuticles, leaving hair dry and frizzy. Moisturizing the hair will give bouncier, glossy curls. Browse through our category to find the right wholesale shampoo for you.

Wholesale dry shampoo

With most hair types it is advised to wash the hair every two to three days to prevent the hair from getting too dry or oily. However, sometimes hair will already look a tad oily on day two. Dry shampoo absorbs these natural oils while giving the hair more volume, so it lenghtens the period people can go without washing their hair.

Wholesale shampoo for dyed hair

Dry shampoo is also suitable for color-treated hair since the color will stay vibrant for a longer time. Of course the hair also needs to be washed, and a color-protecting shampoo is perfect for that job. Using a shampoo for dyed hair will help the color last longer and helps to maintain the health of the processed hair.