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Are you the owner of a salon, spa or store or are you a buyer for a beauty business? If you are looking for wholesale shampoo for damaged hair, you will find it in this category. Since the weather, styling, stress and hair coloring can take its toll on healthy hair, at some point or another, it might get damaged. Using the right shampoo can cause a dramatic improvement on the overall health of the hair. Check our wholesale shampoo for damaged hair category to find shampoo brands and products from beauty suppliers from all over the world

Wholesale shampoo for damaged hair and split ends

If you are looking for wholesale shampoo for damaged hair and split ends, there are shampoos from beauty brands with various effects in this category. Think about shampoo with quinoa protein, which strenghtens the hair from the inside out. Or wholesale shampoo for damaged hair with coconut and babassu, which gently cleanses the hair and hydrate it without causing it to get oily. Or perhaps a shampoo with shea butter? Shea butter is no longer just reserved for body lotion. A shampoo with this ingredient leaves dry and brittle hair soft and supple. If you find this ingredient in a shampoo with natural ingredients, you can use it or advise it to customers who like to wash their hair daily.

Wholesale shampoo without parabens and sulfates

If you are treating damaged hair, it is of course also important to use a shampoo without harsh ingredients. On our wholesale beauty platform you will find wholesale shampoos for damaged hair with natural ingredients like tamanu oil, soy and wheat to strenghten the hair’s resistance to unwanted breakage. Some shampoos even have a revolutionary time-release technology, which gives the hair continual nourishment from the inside out. The hair will maintain its bounce and body for days without having to wash it every other day. Use it in combination with a conditioner that hydrates and nourishes for a longer-lasting effect. 

Wholesale keratin shampoo

The last few years keratin shampoo has become more populair as well. Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in the flat cells of our hairs, keeping them strong and healthy. However, the amount of keratin in the hair dimishes on its own and if it dimishes too quick, the hair will feel brittle and dry. A wholesale shampoo for damaged hair with keratin can assist the hair to get healthy and soft again. Find the wholesale keratin shampoo in this category. If you are looking for other treatments, please visit our wholesale keratin treatments category.