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Hair falling out is a daily ocurrence, but if the amount of hair is rather great and people start to notice their hair is thinning, they would like to do anything they can to stop it. A retreating hair line and hair loss in general is a nearly symbolic change in appearance, and often people experience a change in self-confidence. Hair care products specifically formulated for hair loss can help to address and control the hair loss, whether it is caused by medication or a variety of other situations like hormonal changes. Note that some causes of hair loss might need a specific type of medication, so it is advised customers visit their doctor to determine the cause of hair loss. For shampoos and conditioners formulated for hair loss you can visit our online platform for the beauty industry. If you have any questions about the ingredients of the hair care products please do not hesitate to contact the supplier or the beauty brand.

Hair loss shampoo wholesale

These shampoos for hair loss are very gentle, but still effective and are specifically formulated for people with thinning hair. The shampoos dissolve the sebum build-up on the scalp and keep it healthy, thereby improving the hair life and increase the hair density. These shampoos are free of parabens for example, so they will not strip down the thinning hair or weigh it down. Some shampoos for hair loss contain keratin proteins, which are delivered to the cortex of the hair to improve the strenght and fullness of the hair. Other shampoos which concentrate on the hair follicles contain plant extracts and marine flora complexes to protect the follicles and help to stimulate hair growth. Find your hair loss shampoo for wholesale on our online platform for beauty products.

Wholesale shampoo for hair loss

In this category you will find an assortiment of thickening shampoos and shampoos to assist the hair regrowth process. These products can be an addition to the existing hair care routine of your customer, or they can replace products they used before, focusing on the hair loss products. Often a hair loss conditioner is used together with the hair loss shampoo, not only to strenghten the effects of the shampoo but also to prevent any ingredients from getting washed out by a conditioner not formulated for hair loss. If you are looking for wholesale hair loss conditioners to assist the shampoo, then please visit our wholesale hair loss conditioner category. Please take into consideration customers who might have hair style routines that increase their hair loss without knowing it. Excessive washing and styling with heating tools for example will increase the hair loss, as well as an unbalanced diet. Customers with hair loss might also want to visit a nutrician and dermatologist to completely adress this issue. 

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