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Looking for wholesale hair styling products? Before being able to style the hair beautifully it is important to know the hair type and texture of your customer. Thick, medium and fine hair all need different styling products and the type of hair (straight, wavy, curly, kinky etc.) also asks for specific styling products. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale hair styling products like anti-frizz cream to create smooth curls, hair creams for men and women, curl enhancers to just create that extra bounce and hair gels and hair mousses to style the hair to perfection. With pomades, hair powders and hairspray for men and women you’ll add the finishing touch. Browse through the category to find the right wholesale hair products you might need for your salon or store.

Wholesale styling products for curly, wavy, straight and kinky hair

Straight hair can be styled using a spray or conditioner that focuses on softening the hair to create smooth locks, while wavy hair benefits more from products that focus on defining the curls and prefents frizzing. To maintain healthy looking curly hair it is important to use hair styling products that focus even more on defining the curls. A moisturizing cream will lessen frizz and soften the curls for a silky touch, without loosing the bounce. Kinky hair benefits from styling products that smoothes out the hair cuticles and enhance a natural healthy shine. Since no customer is the same, we provide wholesale hair styling products for all types and textures of hair. Please select the right hair type or texture you are looking for to find the products you need.

Wholesale styling products for thick, medium and fine hair

Having thick, medium or fine hair can also change the styling product that needs to be used. Texturizing sprays, mousses, hair sprays, salt sprays, volumnizing shampoos and dry shampoos can all add body to fine hair to give it more volume so it looks thicker, while preventing the hair looking too oily. Medium hair might need a little boost and thick hair on the other side might need styling products with extra moisturizer, to prevent the hair from looking brittle and dull. Whatever the type or texture of the hair of your customer, on I Trade Beauty you will find suitable wholesale hair styling products.