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Are you looking for wholesale makeup products for your beauty salon, spa or store? There are probably many different reasons for customers to come to your beauty business. Some women wear makeup to gain confidence, others would like to either look younger or older depending on their current age. Women use makeup for a clearer complexion (to hide dark circles under their eyes or blemishes) or to create a glamorous look for a night out. Enhancing the features they already have is also a well-known reason to wear makeup: having a polished appearance without looking like you’re wearing makeup. Experimenting with different products just because it’s fun is also a reason often given. No matter what kind of reason women have for wearing makeup or what kind of look they want: on I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale makeup products like lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and many other products to suit your needs. Scroll through our menu to find all the wholesale makeup you need. You can also contact the wholesale makeup distributors and suppliers to request more information or a price list. 

Wholesale eye makeup 

The eyes are probably the most important part of the appearance. Beautiful eyes are almost mandatory for a good look. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale makeup products like mascara, false lashes and lash treatments to create beautiful lashes, brow colours and brow styling, lifting and treatments to achieve attractive brows and different kinds of eyeshadow and eyeliner for the finishing touch. We also offer concealers and correctors to camouflage blemishes.

Wholesale lip products

Lips are, like the eyes, more vulnerable than the rest of the skin. It is therefore important to protect them with lip balm or cream. On I Trade Beauty you will find not only wholesale lip products to protect your lips against the weather, but also products that will enhance the lips like lip gloss, lipliner and lipstick. Our beauty supply platform consists of many high quality brands from all over the world, so browse through our collections to find the wholesale makeup you need.

Wholesale face makeup 

On I Trade Beauty you will also find many wholesale face makeup from different international beauty brands: concealers, primers, foundations and much more. These brands are of high quality and the products can be used for different skin types like normal, oily, dry, and sensitive skin to suit the needs of your customers. Browse through our platform to find all the wholesale makeup you need.