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Ever heard the saying: eyes are the window to the soul? The eyes definitely play an important part in the overall appearance of a person, and beautiful eyes can give your complexion a great boost. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale eye makeup products like eyeliners, brow colours, concealers and correctors, eyeshadows, false lashes, mascaras and lash curlers.

Wholesale eye shadow

Eyeshadow is commonly used to make the eyes stand out and look more attractive. It is possible to create depth and dimension to the eyes by using eye shadow, or you could make the eyes look larger. Choosing the right eye shadow colour could complement the colour of the eyes, drawing more attention to them. Applying eye shadow is typically done using brushes or fingers, but on our wholesale beauty supply platform you will also find instant eye shadow, eye shadow applicator strips and much more.

Wholesale eye makeup products

Long eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty, and many women and recently also men seek to enhance the length of their eyelashes. By using mascara and eyeliner the lashes will look longer and more volumnous. There are also lash serums that help to achieve fuller and longer lashes, as well as curlers to give the lashes some extra bounce. There is also the option of applying fake lashes, causing an increase in lenght and volume. Browse through our eye makeup product category to find all the lash primers, eyeliners, mascara, false lashes and lash curlers you need.

Wholesale eyebrow products

Besides caring for the eyelashes and area above the eye, the brows are also an important beauty factor. It is believed that the more natural a woman’s brows look, the more youghtful and pretty she appears. Eyebrows can be trimmed, plucked, shaped and coloured, and we offer brow products to assist in all these activities. On our wholesale beauty supply platform you will find eyebrow products suitable for all hair types: red, blonde, brown and black hair. 

Eye makeup products