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Brow colors and treatments are getting more populair every day, and you’ll probably notice more customers asking about specific brow trimming methodes or coloring. Full defnined brows can make someone look well put-together, even with little makeup. A great advantage of dying your brows is that the effect is immediate. Semi-permanent vegetable due enhances the color, shape and thickness of the brows, creating a stronger look definition and also edge to the look. It is especially suitable for people with naturally fine brows or over-plucked ones, since the diameter of each hair will be bigger after coloring the brows. Find all the brow color wholesale on our online marketplace.

Brow tint

One of the main reason why customers would choose to tint their brows instead of filling them in with pencil, is because it saves them time. Instead of using a pencil to use hair-like strokes to fill out the brows, they put on a brow tint which stays put for a few weeks. The brow tint take to even the finest of brow hairs, leaving each brow with a fuller look. A brow tint can be a great way for customers to quickly color their brows without having to do this every day. Note that most at-home brow dye usually fades faster than versions for the salon or spa. Find all the brow tinting products you need in this category. Note that our beauty suppliers, manufacturers and distributors upload more products every day. If you can’t find what you are looking for, it might be here tomorrow. Have a request for a specific product? Let us know via our contact form.

Brow pencil and brow powder

Some customers might ask you if the brow tinting will suffice, so that there’s no need for brow pencils and brow powders anymore. However, they should know that tinting brows can make any gaps or scar tissue more obvious. It is always recommended to have a pencil or powder at hand to fill in the holes afterwards.  

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