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If you are looking for brow liners for your salon, store or spa, you can find them on I Trade Beauty. Our beauty suppliers have uploaded liquid brow liners, pencil brow liners, which are powder-based or wax-based and gel brow liner. There are also brow liners in creamy formulas, or loose powder and mousse packaging. These brow liners are able to fill in the gaps with fine-tipped pencils or brushes and mimic the appearance of tiny hairs. Browse through our category to see all the brow liners for wholesale from our suppliers. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the beauty brand or supplier of your choice via email or chat (if available).

Liquid brow liner

The liquid brow liner is applied with a small brush with a sharp tip, of even multiple tips to create natural-looking brows. Depending on the color brow liner, your customer can opt for a natural, slightly sheer coverage, or a deeper, fuller coverage. Bold shades will create a more dramatic look while the softer shades create that natural day-to-day appearance. With the recent developments in liquid brow liners, the formulas are long-wear that won’t fade or discolor. Take into account the liquid brow liners which are not waterproof but waterresistant, which are easier to remove than their waterproof counterparts. Find all the wholesale liquid browliner on our b2b online marketplace.

Pencil brow liner

A pencil brow liner is usually devided into the powder-based brow pencils and the wax-based brow pencils. The powder-based brow pencil is rather easy to hold and gives you perfect control to create precise and hair-like strokes. Some brow pencils also contain a comb to brush the brows and blend the color better. There are both waterproof brow liners and liners which aren’t waterproof. Waterproof can last all day, but is sometimes harder to remove. Wax-based brow pencils are softer brow pencils and contain waxes that even shape the most stubborn and coarse brow hairs. Brow liners with a wax-base usually have a more intense color than powdered-based eyeliners and can also come in a compact with brush applicator. Some wax-based brow liners even contain ingredients like silica for oil-absorpition and vitamin E to nourish the hairs. They are ideal for on-the-go use, just draw on and style. Find all the wholesale pencil brow liner on our online marketplace

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