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Are you looking for eyeliners for your salon, store or spa? Then look no further, on our online b2b beauty trade platform you will find everything you need. In our category wholesale eyeliner you will find liquid eyeliners, as well as pencil eyeliners, which can be powder-based or wax-based depending on your preference. Some beauty suppliers also offer kohl eyeliner and gel eyeliner. Browse through our category to see all the wholesale eyeliner our suppliers have to offer.

Liquid eyeliner

If you would like to sell eyeliner in your beauty salon, spa or store, you can not only choose between beauty brands but also kinds of eyeliners. The liquid eyeliner for example is an opaque liquid that is applied with a small brush with a sharp tip. Because this liquid is heavily pigmented and easily glides on, it is usually applied only to the upper lash-line. If you would like to create a bold look however, you can of course use it however you'd like. The liquid eyeliner creates a sharp and precise line, and is a bit harder to remove than pencil eyeliner for example. Note that there are also liquid eyeliners which are not waterproof but waterresistant, which are easier to remove. Find all the wholesale liquid eyeliner in our eye makeup category.

Pencil eyeliner

A penci leyeliner is usually defided in two categories: the powder-based eye pencil and the wax-based eye pencil. The powder-based eye pencil are available in dark shades, although there has been an increasing trend of light and colorful shades as well. The eye pencil creates a slightly less sharp line than that of a liquid eyeliner, but creates a softer look. This can be preferred for a day at the office for example. Wax-based eye pencils are softer eye pencils and contain waxes to ease the application of the eyeliner. Eyeliners which are wax-based usually have a more intense color than powdered-based eyeliners and can also come in a compact with brush applicator for example. Find all the wholesale pencil eyeliner on our online marketplace.

Kohl eye liner

Kohl eyeliner is a soft powder which is mostly used to outline the eyes. Kohl eyeliner is available in pencil-form, but also pressed powder or loose powder form. It has a smooth texture and is easy to apply. Some kohl eyeliner has added natural ingredients like vegetable lipids, vitamin E, mango seed oil, jojoba oil and hydrogenated cottonseed oil to keep the skin around the eyes hydrated. If your customer has sensitive eyes, it is recommended to look for an eyeliner which not only has great pigment, but also hydrates.

Gel eye liner

Gel eyeliners come in a variety of colors and are available in pencil-form or packaged in a little pot. For the version in a pot you will need to apply it with a small brush. Gel liners are often easier to use for customers who haven’t been practising with eyeliner a lot. It is easier to build up with gel eyeliner than liquid eyeliner for example, which immediately sets the line. For more advanced users a liquid eyeliner might be more suitable.