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An eye makeup concealer or corrector isn’t hard to find in most makeup bags. Many women, and recently also more men, use concealer as a part of their daily beauty routine. Some use it to hide dark circles under their eyes, while others cover blemishes or reduce the redness in their faces. If you are the owner or buyer for a beauty salon, spa or store you can find both under eye concealers for wholesale and under eye correctors for wholesale in this category.

Eye makeup concealer

Concealers are one of the key products in achieving a flawless complexion. A great concealer can lighten shadowed areas, disguise blemishes and work together with foundation to even out the skin tone. They are usually used after a corrector and before foundation, but routines may vary. In this category you will find eye makeup concealers for all skin types, so browse through our category to find all the wholesale under eye concealer you are looking for. If you have any questions about the formula of the product or about the specific skin types the products are suitable for, please contact the supplier.

Eye makeup corrector

Customers who aren’t on top of the latest make up trends, are sometimes wondering why they should add both an eye makeup concealer and corrector to their routine. Often they do not know the difference, while there if of course a great benefit in using both beauty products. While concealers hide any blemishes and shadows, correctors will literally ‘correct’ the undertones of the skin. They are usually applied before concealer, so the corrector will neutralize the specific skin problem, after which the concealer matches the rest of the skin tone. Well-known colors of correctors are green, yellow, peach and lavender, which neutralize redness, bags under eyes, sallow skin or prominent blue veins depending on the color you choose. These under eye correctors can be a great solution if you have a specific skin problem like redness.

Eye makeup primers

As a beauty professional you probably know that an eye primer is the perfect product to prevent eyeshadow and eyeliner from melting and smudging. An eye makeup primer helps eyeshadow stay put and creates a long-lasting vibrant color. Eyeshadows that normally would have faded away in the afternoon, will keep their pigment all day long with a primer underneath. Not only does the eye makeup primer work as a great base for eyeshadow, it can also be used to perk up tired looking eyes. The eye primer evens out the skin tone on the eyelids to provide a perfect base for every look, be it bold and daring or subtle and elegant. Find all the wholesale eye primers on our online marketplace

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