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Eyeshadow adds depth and dimension to the eyes, and can compliment the color of the eyes or form a nice contrast. It is one of the beauty products to use if you are looking to attract more attention to the eyes. Eyeshadow comes in different textures; a pressed powder, loose powder or pigments, cream, mousse or even pencil and liquid. Every texture has their own benefits while applied: a pigment for example has a great vibrance, while a pencil might be more easy to apply. Make sure to advise an eye primer to your customers as well when they ask about eyeshadows. For all the beauty products from our suppliers, browse through this category to find all the wholesale eyeshadow you might need.

Eyeshadow palette wholesale

Eyeshadow palettes literally come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a small palette with a few basic colors, or a large palette with over a hundred colors, you will fin dit on I Trade Beauty. Our suppliers also upload eyeshadow palettes available for wholesale which are focused around a special theme or specific look. We have nude palettes, smokey eyes palettes and special summer and winter palettes. Browse through our category to see all the wholesale eyeshadow palettes our suppliers have to offer. If you have any questions about the pigmentation of the palettes or the ingredients, please contact the supplier via email or chat (if available).

Eyeshadow pigments for wholesale

If you are looking for eyeshadow pigments then this is the category you will find them. Here the beauty brands and distributors connected to us upload all the eyeshadow pigments they have. Some of these beauty products are finely-milled mineral eyeshadows with a high impact, while others have a more creamy texture and shimmery finish. These pigments are also easy to use to highlight cheeks, to give that festive look a little extra. Read the product descriptions to see the list of ingredients and the best way to apply them (wet or dry? brush?).

Wholesale eyeshadow pans and packaging

On our b2b wholesale platform the suppliers which are registered also offer eyeshadow pans and packaging, which are perfect if you would like to start your own beauty brand or if you are looking for a personal packaging. If you are interested in wholesale eyeshadow pans and packaging, please visit our oem and packaging category. There you will not only find packaging materials and designs for eyeshadow, but also other cosmetics. If you are specifically looking for eyeshadow brushes to apply the eyeshadow, please visit our wholesale makeup brushes category for an overview of all our products.