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One of the ways to give the eyes a little boost is the use of false lashes. While there are many kinds, from the long black ones to a bunch of colorful feathers, you will need eyelash adhesive to keep them glued to the natural lashes. Some beauty brands include a free mini adhesive, while others have seperate adhesive bottles to apply and reapply your favorite lashes. The formulas dry quickly and are mostly waterproof, so the lashes stay put all day long. Some lash adhesive is meant to stay on for about a day, while others easily last a few weeks. Usually the lash adhesive that lasts for a day is meant for strip lashes, while the individual eyelash glues are expecially formulated for use with individual eyelashes only. Find all the wholesale eyelash adhesive on our online b2b marketplace.  

Eyelash glue

The eyelash adhesive, or eyelash glue as some customers also call it, comes in two main shades: clear/see-through and dark. The clear lash adhesives are great for customers who are rather new to false lashes and still have a tough time applying them. The clear glue will cover up mistakes so no one can see the strip lashes have been peeled off thrice before. Clear lash adhesives are also a great choice if you are wearing light lashes, bright feathers lashes or color lashes for example. Dark toned eyelash glue on the other hand can give you more intensity.

Some beauty brands have both dark and lighter versions of the glue. So if your customer has naturally dark lashes, or you would like to blend the lashes in naturally with eyeliner, you can opt for an eyelash adhesive in a darker color. The dark lash adhesive dries up black, so it’s perfect to pair with thick, black lashes or smokey eyes. Dark eyelash glue gives more depth to the eyeliner, making the eyes look brighter.

Natural false lash adhesive

There are also beauty brands which offer false lash adhesives with natural ingredients or adhesives which are completely natural. They last as long as normal strip lash adhesive, and contain candelila wax for example, or castor oil to nourish the lashes. Looking for lash conditioners? Then we would advise you to visit our lash treatment and brow treatment category, where you will find the latest products and innovations like eyelash conditioners and brow serums

False Lash Adhesives