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False lashes can really make the eyes pop, and the lashes our suppliers have uploaded will enhance the appearance of the lashes of your customers. For every peron there’s a matching set of lashes, depending on the size of the eyes, the style your customers want and the color. For customers with smaller eyes your goal would be to elongate. Then you might want to use lashes that are thicker in the outer corner. Eyes that are wide set or have little to no crease can benefit from lashes in the center of the eye to open them up. A longer lash strip to lenghten the eye is suitable for deep-set eyes. Browse through our category wholesale false lashes to find the style, shape and color you are looking for. For matching adhesives we would advise you to visit our false lash adhesives category.

False lash styles

False lashes come in tons of different shapes and styles. You of course have a natural style, with false lashes that create more volume and lenght while keeping it natural. Then there are the glamourous false lashes, with bol dan sparkling lashes which give a great increase in volume and lenght. Some lashes also have special shapes, like slightly crossover lashes or lashes with a wing to the side. If your customer would like some added volume and length, but not too much, accent false lashes might be the solution. For a customized look individual lashes might be more suitable, and for the real party-looks false lashes with rinestones are the way to go. No matter which kind of lashes you are looking for, you will find it on our online b2b marketplace.

False under lashes

False under lashes, or bottom lashes, lower lashes, are often forgotten by customers, simply because they only bought false eye lashes for the upper lash line or because they don’t believe it can make much of a difference. Such a misconception, expecially since the effect is great if applied well. With lower lashes there are two types you can use to enhance the lashes: strip lashes or individual lashes. With individual lashes you’ll have more control where you want to increase the volume and enhance the lashes, and strip lashes are faster to apply. Try it for yourself to see what you like more. Find all the false under lashes for wholesale on our beauty platform. 

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