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Everyone is looking for ways to get their lashes as voluminous and long as they can, and it’s beocme a trend as well to walk around with thick eyebrows. Great if you already have them, but what about if you don’t? If your customers would like to condition their eyebrows and lashes and make them appear fuller and thicker, an eyelash serum or eyebrow serum might be the product they are looking for. In this category you will find different serums that can improve the appearance of the lashes and brows and help them to attain their maximum lenght and thickness. Find all the eyelash serums for wholesale and the eyebrow serums for wholesale in this eye makeup category. Please contact the beauty supplier if you have any questions about the serums.

Wholesale eyelash treatment

The longer, thicker and more voluminous the eyelashes are, the better. Long eyelashes give people a fresh and youghtful look and make the eyes more beautiful. A lash conditioner helps prevent lashes from looking short, thin and sparse. If your customers apply the eyelash conditioner on a daily basis the serum easily absorbs at the roots, quickly delivering the conditioning ingredients while helping to hydrate the skin. An eyelash serum assists in making the lashes appear more dense, fuller-looking and more vibrant. Note that these eyelash serums do not keep the lashes attached to the skin forever; some customers still believe this. Eyelashes will grow and fall out, then grow again. It’s just a natural process and a serum is not going to change that. What it can change is the health of the lashes. The healthier the lashes are, the longer and thicker they can become.

Wholesale eyebrow serum

Thick, busy brows are everything right now, but what if you only have thin lines with a few light eyebrow hairs? An eyebrow serum, or eyebrow growth serum as it is also called sometimes, can help your customer get the most out of their eyebrows. The serums on this wholesale platform are brow conditioners that can improve the thickness of the eyebrows, increasing the density and making them appear fuller. Bare patches can be covered up, and if there has been hair before, there’s a great chance the serum will help them grow back. Give your customers those full, gapless eyebrows they are looking for by advising them one of these brow serums. If they are consistent and apply the serum every day for a few weeks they should see a change. If you have any questions about the ingredients in the serums or about the workings of the serum, please do not hesitate to contact the supplier or the beauty brand

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