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Make-up artists, beauticians and owners of salons, spas and stores all know it: make-up looks better with a primer. If it’s foundation, mascara or eye shadow it doesn’t matter, smoothing a coat of primer underneath will make it stay better and look better. This is also the case with mascaras. The mascara primer promises to give your customers thicker, longer and stronger lashes, while providing a perfect surface for the mascara to adhere. No matter what kind of mascara primer you are looking for, on I Trade Beauty our suppliers offer you all the beauty brands and products you might need. Miss anything? Please contact the brand or supplier for more information. Note that suppliers upload new products every day, so if you can’t find what you are looking for today, it might be here tomorrow. Stay up-to-date with the latest development and products by subscribing to our newsletter and facebook.

Mascara primer

Mascara primers come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose from a wide variety of formulas. Some include a soy-amino protein to assist in the appearance of longer lashes, while others focus on restoring the weak and brittle lashes with conditioning ingredients like natural oils and plant extracts. Some mascara primers literally build tubes around each lash that you can see come off in the sink when you wash the face. Others prep your lashes with an added tint that boost your mascara's pigment for an even bigger impact. Find all the wholesale mascara primer on our wholesale online marketplace.

Best mascara primer

It’s hard to say what mascara primer is ‘the best’. There are different mascara primers from different brands, who all have specific ingredients for specific looks and purposes. It’s more a matter of what kind of look you are expecting to get and matching that to a specific mascara primer. If you are looking for an extreme increase in lenght, a mascara primer which lays a layer around the lash might be the perfect match for you. Or if you would like to provide your customers with natural cosmetics, a mascara primer with natural oils could be the products for you. Browse through our category to find the best mascara primer to match your wishes. Read the product descriptions and contact the beauty suppliers, distributors or manufacturers if you have any questions about the products. 

Mascara Primer