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Are you looking for wholesale face makeup for your salon, spa or store? A well-prepared skin will make your makeup look even and natural, letting the makeup blend perfectly with the skin tone. On I Trade Beauty you will find a selection of wholesale foundations and concealers to create that smooth base, combined with different products to finish the natural layer like blush, bronzer or translucent powder. We only work together with international high quality brands, so please browse through our category to find all the wholesale face makeup products you need.

Base colour and skin type

To apply the perfect base colour to the skin of your customer, knowing their skin type is of course important. If the skin is oily you would rather use a concealer or foundation that is mattifying and oil-free, so the skin does not become shiny when the excess sebum is produced. If the skin is dry on the other hand, it is best to use a formulation that hydrates or moisturizes so the skin does not become flaky and uneven. Mature skin benefits more from makeup with active ingredients and additional nutrients to keep the skin youghtful and smooth. With a sensitive skin a mineral makeup might be recommended to deliver the necessary vitamins and minerals. No matter which skin type you have, on our beauty supply platform you will find wholesale face makeup products for all skin types.

Wholesale foundation

When you’ve found the right base colour you still have many options of applying it: foundation sticks, liquid foundations, foundation creams and tinted moisturizers. The type of foundation you use will depend on the skin type of your customer and the makeup effect you wish to achieve. Tinted moisturizers for example are ideal for customers who like a light layer of natural colour, while foundation creams are suitable for customers who prefer a better coverage. A foundation stick will allow you to easily apply colour to sides of the nose, between the eyebrows and on the cheekbones. No matter which kind of foundation you use, on our beauty supply platform you will find wholesale foundation suppliers from all over the world.

Wholesale concealer

Dark circles under the eyes are a well-known problem to most people. As a beauty professional you would conceal those blemishes and circles with a concealer that matches the natural skin tone of your customer. On our beauty supply platform you will find wholesale concealers in all kinds of skin tones. Whether you prefer to use a liquid concealer, sticks or pencils, on I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale face makeup products suitable to your needs.

Face makeup