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Although there are many makeup products which can add to a look, with a blusher you can effect your look as a whole. By adding a shade of color on your cheeks you can look healthier, more youghtful and dewier in an instant. Blush makeup is used to create a natural subtle glow and  who doesn’t love that? If you are looking for new blushers to add to your assortment, please visit this face makeup category for the best blush makeup and palettes. If you have any questions about the ingredients or about the packaging, please contact the beauty supplier.

Blush makeup

While blush makeup seems like one of the easiest makeup products to apply, customers are often confused about the color and the way they need to apply it. It can be difficult to know what color to go for and what to apply it with. Besides applying blush to fit the face shape (a round face requires blush on a different place than a heart-shaped face for example), there’s also a perfect shade for every skin tone. Blush isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of makeup, the right shade will flatter the complexion, while the wrong shade can make your customer look like a doll or clown. A pale skin might look better with a pale pink blusher, while a tanned skin will look fresh and healthy with a cranberry colored blusher. Whether you are looking for a shimmery apricot blusher or a deep pink, you will find it on our online marketplace for beauty products.

Blusher makeup

Blusher makeup comes in a variety of formulas and containers. Picking the right blush is about the right shade and the right spots to apply it, but also about finding the perfect formula. If you have a customer asking for a blusher and this person has larges pores, a powder blush might be the perfect match. A customer who likes to work out while looking perfect? A blush stain looks dewy and lasts all day, even if you sweat a bit. Blush gel formulas are often water resistant, while creamy blusher sneed to be applied with a brush or fingers.

Blush palettes

Beauty brands offer both loose blushers as well as blush palettes with multiple shades. If you wish to add that healthy glow to the face, a cool palette with multple shades of pink will work, with cool berries and plum shades being a great match with deeper skin tones. A light shade of pink will work very well on light complexions. Warm-coloured blush palettes with orange undertones are best for contouring the face, defining the cheeks. For fair complexions a delicate apricot will look great, while a burnt orange looks beautiful on darker skin tones. If you are a manufacturer of blush and you are looking for empty blush palettes, please visit our oem and packaging category. 

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