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For years the BB cream has been touting the benefits of all-in-one foundation, sunscreen and moisturizer, but CC and even DD creams are close behind. Where a BB cream is a non-brightening primer, mildly covering foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen in one, the CC cream focuses more on the color correcting. It has many benefits like the BB cream, like a brightening primer, foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen, The difference between CC and BB creams is that CC creams have more brightening and lightening ingredients, and are usually oil-free. If your customer has an oily or acne-prone skin, a CC cream might be better fort hem than BB creams. Find all the CC creams for wholesale on our beauty supply platform, where manufacturers, distributors and suppliers connect with buyers.

CC creams for wholesale

Even within the CC cream category there are differences in the products or formulas. Some CC creams are excellent to use to correct color and complexion while adding clinically tested anti-aging ingredients, others contain a lightweight SPF protection in a breathable, natural-looking formula. There are creams, balms and even cushion compacts, so take your time to read the product descriptions to see which products are most suitable for you salon, spa or store. Does this mean your customers won’t be asking about foundation products anymore? Probably not. Both BB creams and CC creams are available in a limited amount of shades, while foundations can come in more than a dozen varieties. This ensures a more exact skin match, so there are many customers who either use both a BB/CC cream and foundation (the BB/CC cream as a primer), or mix them to get their desired color. 

The best CC creams

It’s hard to say which CC cream is the best; depending on the skin type of your customer preferences may vary. Just keep the skin needs in mind while you are searching for CC cream and read the effects of the cream before buying. Some CC creams are not only formulated without oil for example, but also without silicone, paragon and fragrance for a neutral cream which is better for customers with sensitive skin. Find all the CC creams for your store, salon or spa on our online wholesale marketplace

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