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Are you looking for wholesale bronzers for your tanning salon, spa or department store? On our beauty platform you will find bronzers from international suppliers, accessible to you after you have completed your free registration. Give your customers the means to get a tan without endangering their skin. On I Trade Beauty there are many products available to easily get the skin tone your customers envisioned without the risk of getting sunburns.

Choosing a bronzer

Most people find it hard to pick out a bronzer. If they choose the wrong color and they might end up with an orange or unnatural tan. While advising their customers, most beauty professionals recommend to use a bronzer about two shades darker than the natural skin tone of the customer. This way the skin will look tanned but still natural. It is also recommended to use a foundation that is also two shades darker, so the contrast between the foundation and the bronzer isn’t visible. If you are searching for wholesale foundation as well you could find it in our makeup- category.

Wholesale bronzers with natural ingredients

On our beauty platform you will find many different kinds of bronzers, and some have extra ingredients to not only bronze the skin but also nourish it. Bronzers with ingredients like coconut oil or grape seed for example, which help your customers to maintain the healthy condition of the skin and give it a slight glow. Bronzers with vitamin E to protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and aloe vera to provide moisturizing. Find these wholesale bronzers and more on our beauty supply platform.   

Wholesale bronzer with SPF

Most people will benefit from a little help while getting the perfect tan. I Trade Beauty you will find a wide selection of wholesale bronzers from international suppliers that can make the skin of your client look sun-kissed and healthy. By enhancing their tan while still protecting their skin with a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, you can achieve all the benefits of tanning without the risks. Find the wholesale bronzer with SPF in this category.