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Are you the owner or buyer for a spa, salon or store and would you like to add concealers and correctors to your assortment? Then I Trade Beauty is the online marketplace for you. A concealer is used on small discolored areas of the skin and not as an alternative to foundation. Concealers are best used with foundation to cover blemishes like red marks from acne and discoloration underneath the eyes and around the nose. Concealers work great to disguise any blemishes or shadows, but correctors will actually neutralize them by countering the color with another color. If you are looking for concealers for wholesale or correctors for wholesale, you will find them in this face makeup category. Connect with the manufacturers, distributors or suppliers of the beauty products to ask about product specifications and ingredients.

Wholesale concealer

Which kind of concealer is best for what skin problem? There are several types of concealer, think about liquid concealer, stick concealers, cream concealer and cream-to-powder concealers. All these types of concealers match a skin type; a cream concealer for example is perfect to use on normal, dry, combination or sensitive skin. Customers with oily skin types have more benefit from a liquid concealer. Find the different substances and formulas on our wholesale marketplace for the beauty industry.

Wholesale corrector

Most of your customers are probably familiar with concealers, but might know less about correctors. Usually this is because they do not know the difference between the products and wonder whether they even need both. Although both products can be found as dry powders, pressed into palettes or liquids, a concealer will merely disguise blemishes and shadows. Correctors on the other hand will neutralise the blemishes or shadows. While concealers are usually similair in color to the foundation shades, correctors come in seemingly strange colors like green, yellow, lavender and apricot. A peach- or pink-based concealer is designed to neutralize dark undereye circles, while green colored concealers are best used when concealing pimples. A lavender colored corrector will conceal yellow bruising, while yellow correctors neutralise red blemishes and broken capillaries. After using a corrector, a concealer might be applied to match the rest of the skin tone. 

Concealers & Correctors