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The benefits of skin foundation is clear to most customers by now, it gives them a nicely even toned texture and the skin will get a nice glow. It can cover up any imperfections as scars or cover discoloration on the skin, and even help to minimise the effect of pores and cover up redness. Finding the right foundation color can be difficult for most customers, so having multiple colors on hand to test is advised. If you find it hard to judge the color of the foundation on our wholesale platform by looking at a few photo’s, you can ask the beauty supplier to send a few samples so you can test them. Note that a small payment may be required.

Foundation colors

Foundation comes in multiple colors and shades that match most of the skin tones or are at least a close match. Many beauty brands classify their shades as either warm, neutral or cool to make choosing a foundation color easier. Note that cosmetic color wheels can differ from beauty brand to beauty brand, so a warm beige foundation may either have a yellow tint or a pink tint. It depends completely on the company’s creative director uses. If you would like to know more about a specific color foundation, you can ask the supplier to send you photo’s of swatches on different skin tones or send you a sample to test the color. Note that some suppliers might ask for a small payment for a sample collection.

Foundation coverage

The foundation coverage is devided in four main coverages: sheer, light, medium and full. Sheer is the most transparent kind of coverage and will not hide discolorations on the skin. It can minimize contrast between discoloration and the rest of the skin tone. This kind of foundation can easily be combined with a color corrector to even out the skin tone. A light cover does cover uneveness and slight blothces, but it cannot cover dark discolorations like freckles. A medium coverage can cover freckles, as well as discoloration, blotchiness and red marks. Note that a medium coverage sometimes needs to be set with a tinted powder to cover those blemishes well. A full coverage can even cover scars, birthmarks and hyperpigmentation. These kinds of coverage are also called camouflage make-up and are used on stage for example. To find all foundation coverage please browse through our category.

Foundation formulation

Just as there are many skin tones, there are at least ten different formulations of foundation; oil based shakers, alcohol based foundation, powder based foundation, oil and emollient based foundation, mineral makeup foundation, water based foundation and silicone based foundation just to name a few. The silicone based foundation is still rather new and therefore expensive, it weighs less than oil based foundation and will leave little to no feel behind. Powder based foundation provides more coverage due to more pigment and can blend from sheer to a nearly full coverage. Whether you are looking for an alcohol based foundation or a water based one, or perhaps a foundation with oils? You will be able to find it on I Trade Beauty.

Foundation application tools

Besides the foundation itself, some application tools are used to apply the foundation evenly accross the face. You can use your fingers, but it is less hygenic and can give a strange thickness to the foundation in some places. A foundation can also be applied with a sponge, brush or airbrush, depending on the kind of foundation formulation. Find the foundation application tools in this category or the  makeup tools and accessories category.

Foundation primer

Whether you are wearing a face full of at least three layers of foundation, powder, blush and highlighter or you just use a bb cream and lip balm, a makeup primer is an addition you can’t miss in your beautycase. Or in this case, the makeup case of your customer. A makeup primer is the perfect product to combat unwanted shine or to create a smooth base for foundation. Many customers will skip this step because they believe it to be unnessesary, but it is definitely worth the investment. Makeup last longer and goes on smoother when you use a primer. You can find the foundation primers of our suppliers in this category, as well as our makeup primers category.