Face makeup

A professional makeup artist usually finishes his or her look with a powder after the liquid or cream foundation. This will assist the foundation to last longer and also help to prevent the makeup from running. Using a face powder not only gives the skin a nice glow, it also prevents makeup from looking sticky or oily. Face powder adds dimension to the face, making pores and fine lines less visible. It is recommended to use this beauty product in your beauty routine or advise it to customers for home-use. This product works well on oily and combination skin. Contact the beauty supplier or beauty brand if you have any questions about the formulation of the product of about the color.

Wholesale face powder makeup

In term of types of face powder, there are two main kinds: loose powder and pressed powder. A pressed powder is perfect for on-the-go, while a loose powder is better suited for a natural finish for your everyday makeup. If you are hesitant to buy a specific color face powder, you can always ask the supplier if they could send you some photos of colorswatches on different skin types, so you can get a better idea of what the product looks like. Some suppliers also offer a sample-product so you can test the color yourself before you buy. Ask the beauty supplier for the specifics.

Wholesale mattifying powder

Your look will vary depending on the texture of the powder you use: dewy or matte? A dewy type powder will create a youthful look with a glow, and is great for people with dry or normal skin. If the skin of your customer is oily or combination skin, then a matte type powder might be a better choice. This will give them a finely textured, porcelain finish. Many face powder makeup has the mattifying property, to reduce the sheen that can sneak up on your complexion. Our suppliers offer translucent, versatile loose powders that create a flawless, soft focus effect to the skin. These kind of powders create a glowing and radiant complexion while masking the fine lines and imperfections. These kind of powders can be used for everyday wear and can be combined with foundation if preferred. Use on moisturized skin or over makeup to mattify it. The benefit of these powders is that you can touch up over makeup whenever the shine dares to return.

Wholesale finishing powder

Finishing powders are formulated to set your makeup in place for longer wear. A finishing powder helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines and can be used alone, under foundation or over the makeup to set it for a shine-free finish. Some finishing powders have an extra mattifying effect to reduce shine. Some face powder is specifically named a ‘finishing powder’, although the difference between a finishing powder and face powder is not always clear. Read the product descriptions to see which powder gives which effect and contact the supplier if you have any questions. 

Wholesale powder puff or powder brush

A face powder can be applied with a powder puff, a powder brush or a sponge, which is either provided with the powder or available in a separate package. One of the most well known brushes is the Kabuki brush, but there are many more shapes and sizes of brushes and puffs which are great for applying the powder. Find all the brushes for face makeup in our makeup tools and accessories category. 

Face Powders