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Tinted moisturizers are a great alternative to traditional foundations. One of the largest differences between a foundation and tinted moisturizer is that a tinted moisturizer gives a lighter formula while still providing a good coverage. A great benefit of tinted moisturizer is the easy way to apply it. The product acts like a moisturizing cream with a slight tint, and you apply it like a moisturizer as well. The product will leave your customer with a glowing skin and hides small blemishes, making the skin look seemingly flawless. Find all the tinted moisturizer available for wholesale on our online marketplace.


Tinted moisturizer


Is a tinted moisturizer a beauty product suitable for all skin types? It depends. A tinted moisturizer is more lightweight than a liquid foundation. The coverage a tinted moisturizer provides might not be enough for customers who have a poor complexion with blemishes or imperfections. If your customer has oily skin or combination skin you might want to advise them a face powder instead of a tinted moisturizer, since this product might increase the shine on their face. If you have a dry or normal skin and you would like to create a dewy look, a tinted moisturizer is all you need. There is no need to apply any powder, as the tint will stay put throughout the day. If your customer prefers a matte look, you will need to apply a sheer, translucent powder over the entire face. Find your tinted moisturizer for wholesale on our wholesale b2b trade platform for the beauty industry.


Moisturizer and tinted moisturizer


Is there a need to apply both a moisturizer and tinted moisturizer? Some customers might beleive this tob e over the top, however it depends on your skin type. If you have normal skin, a tinted moisturizer will be enough. If your customer has a dehydrated and dry skin, you can advise both a moisturizer and tinted moisturizer. If your customer has an oily skin type but would love to use a tinted moisturizer, they can do so if they use a water-based or oil-free moisturizer first.


Tinted moisturizer with SPF


There are also tinted moisturizers with SPF available, the perfect product to use if you’re going outside but don’t want to put on a layer of sunscreen. Note however that the SPF in tinted moisturizers might not always be enough. For a clouded day a moisturizer with SPF might be sufficient, but if the sun is out you might want to apply extra sunscreen. The sunscreen and sunblock are provided by our suppliers in our sun care category. 

Tinted Moisturizers