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Are you searching for wholesale lip makeup products for you beauty salon or store? Besides having a pretty blush and long, voluminous lashes, the lips will also play an important part in the overall appearance of your customer. With a touch of color or a subtle shine you can get a long way. And for a look fit for the red carpet, you will find lipsticks and gloss with deep hues of red and pink with a bright shine. Scroll through our assortment of makeup products to find all the wholesale lipstick, gloss and lipliner you might need.

Wholesale lipstick and lip stain

There are of course hundreds (probably even thousands) colors of lipstick in the world, one even more beautiful and glamorous than the other. Most people like to switch between colors to match the occasion. Usually a lipstick with a light color is recommended for meetings or parties during the day, while a darker color like red can be used during the night. Of course there are many combinations and some people like to combine a bright lipstick with dramatic eye makeup, while others prefer to keep either the mouth or eyes a subtle color and use a dark color on the eyes or mouth in contrast. If you prefer to use a product that adds a subtle hue of color, even if the color is bright, then lip stains might be the product for you. These formulas enhance the color of the lips without full-coverage, so the color looks more natural than lipstick. Whatever look you desire, on our wholesale beauty platform you will find the wholesale lipstick and wholesale lip stain you are looking for.

Wholesale lip gloss

Lipstick is usually the lip makeup people think of, since it is easy to apply and provides a full-coverage color. However lip gloss is becoming more and more popular since it is glossier and shinier than lipstick. The gloss can be clear or colored, but lip gloss does not provide the full-coverage color, it is always partly see-through. The advantage of this see-through quality is that it is great to create subtle shimmer effects. Lipgloss can also be combined with lipstick and on I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale lip gloss in pots, squeeze tubes and tubes from international suppliers.

Wholesale lip liner

Some customers are blessed with lush lips, others could use a little help to achieve the Marylin Monroe-smile. A lip liner can help you achieve lusher lips by tracing along the outer line of the lips. This will define the shape of the lips more clearly, which causes them to look bigger. Find your wholesale lip liner on our beauty trade platform.