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Lip gloss is a great lip makeup product to give the lips a glossy touch and make lips appear slightly fuller. It brightens the face and can be used alone or with lipstick, depending on the preference of the customer. Lip gloss can add a touch of color to the lips as well and enhance any makeup style. There are of course tons of makeup brands and beauty brands with lip glosses in their makeup line, so take your time and browse through our category to find what you are looking for. If you would like to receive more information about a product, please do not hesistate to contact the beauty suppliers.

Wholesale tinted lip gloss

Many lipglosses come in a tube with a foam wand, which is easy to apply. Some lip gloss containers have a rollerball at the end of the stick, which you slide over your lips to get the gloss and color out. Other containers are squeezable, and some come in pots and compact, which are applied with a clean finger or a small brush. These lip glosse scan be neutral or see-through, but often they have a slight color added to the formula. These tinted lip glosse scan be a perfect way to quickly get your look done without having to spend too much time in front of the mirror with a lip pencil and lipstick. On the other hand, lip glos scan also be a great finishing touch if you’ve applied lipstick and wish to add a bit more shine. Find wholesale tinted lip gloss from famous and lesser known beauty brands in our category wholesale lip gloss.

Wholesale flavoured lip gloss

Lip gloss is usually one of the first makeup products young girls sample, becuase of the subdued color and easy way to apply the product. To cater these young clients, manufacturers sometimes add special flavours to their ingredient list. These lip glosses smell like strawberry or coconut, or perhaps even caramel pie or a double cheeseburger. And have you ever heard of maple bacon flavoured lip gloss? It exists, and you can satisfy your curiosity by browsing through our category. Our beauty suppliers upload new flavoured lip gloss every day, and you can of course contact them to ask about specific flavours (or scented lip gloss).

Lip gloss and lip balm

There’s a fine line between lip glosses and lip balms. While lip balms are formulated to protect the lips against the weather and sun, they also add a slight shine to the lips, a bit like lip gloss. Some lip balms even have a hint of colour in them as well, and have scents of chocolate and strawberry in them. Lip gloss on the other hand can also form a protective barrier against influences from the outside and sometimes even contains SPF as well, which is usually found more often in lip balm. Lip gloss gives a more distrinct gloss and a deeper hue of color, whereas lip balm focuses more on the moisturizing ingredients.

Wholesale lip gloss tubes with wands and containers

If you are a manufacturer of lip gloss and you are searching for a distributor of manufacturer of lip gloss wands and tubes, we advise you to visit our oem and packaging category. There suppliers and distributors of different packaging materials and bases gather, so please browse through our category to find the business partner you are looking for. They offer squeezable tubes and wand applicator formats for example.  

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