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Who doesn’t want full, defined lips? Using a lip liner can give you a perfect cupid’s bow and keep te lip line clean. If lip liner is applied correctly, it can prevent the color of your lipstick to ‘bleed’, fade or feather. A lip liner can also increase the wear of the lipstick in general, as well as provide more definition to the lips. Lip liner is what a base coat is to nail polish; it makes you lipstick look better and last longer. If you would liketo add lip liner to the assortment of your salon, spa or store, please browse this lip makeup category to find all the lip liner for wholesale you need.

Lip liners for wholesale

Lip liners are available in the same range of colors as lipstick usually; from red and brown colors to pink and plum. You can also use an invisible lip liner, which gives the illusion of smooth lips without adding any color. Like lipstick, a lip liner is composed of waxes, pigments and oils, although lip liners contain more oils than lipstick. Because of their ingredients they also provide a finish that will not dry the lips. Some lip liners are even enriched with vitamin E and jojoba sax, making it easy to line and define lips for the perfect pout. And if you are looking for waterproof formulas, we’ve got you covered. Our beauty suppliers offer highly pigmented colors that are not only long lasting but also completely waterproof. Some were even tested under water for five hours. Find your lip liner for wholesale in this category.

Lip liner instead of lipstick

Lip liner can also be used as a base for lipstick or even instead of lipstick. A lip pencil is like a super matte lipstick. Choose one with a softer tip and use a smudge brush to blend it after you’ve defined the lips. You can keep this look or apply lipstick on top for a different look. For the illusion of a fuller, more volumized lip you can try to over-draw or line using a deeper shade to contour.

Lip liner packaging

Lip liners usually come in retractable tubes or pencils which can be sharpened to get a smooth line. Some pencils are dual-ended lip pencils; one end is used for contouring the lip line with a skin-toned shade while the other side fills and defines the lips, creating a neutral base to keep the lipstick in place. If you are looking for a specific lip liner packaging, please visit our oem and packaging category. 

Lip Liners