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Big, plump and even slightly unnatural lips, ever since celebrities like Kylie Jenner and the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County were spotted with voluminous pouts, everyone wants their lips to look exactly like that. Without the pain of lip fillers please… Lip plumpers were designed to temporarily plump the lips without accidentally getting a duck-face. The best lip plumpers can add shape and volume to your lips in a subtle way. If you would like to add lip plumpers to the assortment of your salon, spa or store, please browse through this lip makeup category to find all the lip plumpers for wholesale. If you have any questions about the ingredients or about the lip plumpers in general, please contact the beauty brand or supplier showcasing the product.

Lip plumpers for wholesale

The packaging and appearance of the lip plumper is quite the same as a lip gloss. Applying them feels quite the same as well, and most lip plumpers even look the same; they give a long-lasting shine and moisturize the lips. The obvious difference here is  that the lip plumpers also contain the plumping effect. Some have a specific taste like spearmint leaf or berries, while others are taste-free. The lip plumpers make the lips tingle for a few minutes, but not on a scale you would feel any irritation. Some lip plumpers can also cause a slightly burning feeling on the lips as the ingredients work their way into the skin. The effect of the lip plumpers vary; some products work instantly and last a few hours, while others work gradually and last longer. To see the specifics for each product, please read the product descriptions and list of ingredients. If you have any questions you can contact the supplier for more information.

Lip plumper tools

If you have customers who rather not use a lip gloss like product, or just love their lipstick and don’t want to use anything else, a natural lip enhancer might be a solution. These lip plumper tools are used before your customers put the lipstick or lip gloss on and make use of a suction to plump up the lips. The lips might feel slightly irritated, but as soon as some of the swelling is down the lips will look plumped-up without inflammation. After using these products your customer can apply their lip gloss or lipstick as usual. Find the lip plumper tools in this lip makeup category. 

Lip Plumpers