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Lipstick sealers are the perfect product to seal the color on your pout and keep that vibrant lipstick color last all day. However, most customers either don’t know what it is or question the use of it. If you have customers that are pondering over whether or not they should buy it, they should! A good lip sealer will prevent lipstick from smudging, feathering and fading, giving your customers a kiss proof lipstick that lasts. If you woud like to add a lipstick sealer to your makeup assortment, please browse this lip makeup category to find the lipstick sealers your need. If you have any questions about the products and their ingredients, please contact the beauty supplier for more information.

Lipstick sealers for wholesale

Whether you are wearing a nude shade of lipstick or a bold orange color, there’s nothing more frustrating than leaving the house with a perfect pout which only lasts an hour. No one has time to constantly reapply their lipstick, and thankfully they don’t have to. Lipstick sealers are easy to apply and only take a few moments to dry. You can add another layer if preferred, although one layer is usually enough for your lipstick to stay put a few hours. Some lipstick sealers even claim they can make your lipstick last all day, which would be perfect for a wedding or long party where you won’t have the time to reapply. Some lipstick sealers contain alcohol, so if you have a customer with sensitive skin it might be best to choose one without it. You can also test a bit of the product on the back of the hand to see if your customer gets an allergic reaction. There are also lipstick sealers with vegetarian natural extracts, which could be a better option for customers with sensitive skin.

Smudge-proof lipstick sealer

By taking the time, or advising your customers to make extra time, for lip makeup, it’ll save them the frustration of reapplying it every hour or so. Products like lip liner can already assist you in making your pout stay put for a longer periode of time, and it also helps to prevent lipstick from feathering or fading, but a lip sealer will really make the lips smudge- and smear proof. Find all the wholesale lipstick sealers in this category. For products like lip plumpers, lip gloss and lip stains please visit their respective categories. 

Lipstick Sealers