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As a beauty professional you will use many makeup tools and accessories to assist you in your work. And you also know that the choice for a tool as small as a brush can greatly influence the way the makeup looks on the skin. A powder brushes differs greatly from a shading brush for example. It is exactly why I Trade Beauty has a wide variety of wholesale makeup tools and accessories available, all to achieve different makeup looks.

Wholesale makeup brushes

Using the right makeup brushes can make all the difference while applying makeup. Each makeup brush on I Trade Beauty has been designed with a specific purpose: small brushes are for applying eye shadow or lip colour for example. The larger brushes are excellent to apply foundation or blush. If you prefer a whole set of new brushes you can also find wholesale makeup brushes in sets on our beauty platform.

Eyes and nails

The eyes and nails are relatively small parts of the body, yet they require a considerable amount of care and attention. Eye lashes can be curled and coloured, eyebrows can be trimmed or plucked and nails can be cut, clipped or filed. For all this care you will find wholesale makeup tools and accessories to enhance the eyes, allowing you to achieve many stylish looks.

Wholesale makeup mirrors

A makeup mirror is another essential tool to assist you while you’re applying makeup. On our beauty platform you will find wholesale makeup mirrors ranging from a hand-sized mirror to a large makeup mirror stand. Many mirrors have a regular side and a magnified side, where you are able to see the details of the face in close up. Some mirrors have additional lights and you are also able to fold down some of the mirrors in our assortment. Just browse through our category to find the wholesale makeup mirrors you might need for your salon, spa or store.

Wholesale makeup organizers

Keep your makeup tools and accessories safely stored in one of our makeup organizers so they remain in first-class condition. On our platform we offer both small and large makeup organizers, so please check our assortment for a complete overview of all wholesale makeup organizers.

Tools & Accessories