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Makeup brushes are great tools to apply makeup, however there are literally hundreds of shapes and sizes. Which makeup brush is best for your customers? Usually one brush is not sufficient, since there’s a perfect brush for every makeup routine, product and look. Although not every customer needs an extensive supply of makeup brushes like some beauty bloggers have, there are a few must-have brushes to add to your assortment. Find your favourite brushes in our wholesale makeup brushes category. If you are looking for different kinds of tools like makeup sponges, makeup blenders and other makeup tools and accessories, please visit our main category.

Wholesale makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are suitable for different products. Some brushes are more suitable for cream or liquid makeup, while others work better with powder products. With the brushes our beauty suppliers offer you can apply, blend, set and highlight the skin. A great benefit from makeup brushes is that they can be easily cleaned. Some brushes are created with fibers designed to avoid product absorption and the growth of bacteria. For customers who do not have the dilligence to clean their brushes every two weeks, the brushes with synthetic fibers are a great solution.

Wholesale makeup brushes oval

Oval makeup brushes have become increasingly populair to apply makeup, especially liquid foundation and even some powder foundations. These oval-shaped makeup brushes look like a miniature hairbrush and is unlike any other makeup brush. The way you need to hold it is also like a hairbrush instead of how you would hold a normal brush (like a pencil). Characteristic about these brushes is that they contain three to even ten times the amount of individual fibers as a conventional brush. One of the most famous beauty brands with an oval brushes line is Artis, however more and more brands are adding these new shapes to their assortment, all-in different price ranges. Whether you are looking for a professional makeup brush for yourself or an affordable makeup brush for your customers to use at home, you will find it on our wholesale b2b platform for the beauty industry. If you miss a product which you would love to have, do not hesitate to email us.

Wholesale makeup brushes set

There are budget-friendly makeup brush sets with ten or twelve brushes, varying from a blending brush for contour to a lip color brush, as well as high-end makeup brush sets from well-known beauty brands. Our suppliers offer travel-friendly makeup sets, as well as limited edition, colorful tools which are eco-friendly. In these sets you will find brushes like powder brushes, strobing fans, concealer blenders and precision brushes. Each tool has of course their individual purpose, but they can be used multiple ways. Find all the wholesale makeup brushes sets you need for you salon, spa or store on I Trade Beauty, your online plaform for wholesale b2b beauty products.