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Makeup gift sets are great to give at any gift-giving occasion, or even when there is no occasion other than wanting to give yourself a present. They make perfect holiday, birthday, baby shower, or travel gifts and their specially designed cases, bags and boxes are highly appreciated. Having a makeup gift set in your salon, spa or store attracts attention, and it can be a great way for you to introduce your customer to a specific beauty brand. Browse through our overview of makeup gift sets for wholesale and see what the suppliers connected to our wholesale platform have to offer. Note that some makeup gift sets can only be ordered in a limited time frame being promotions or holiday gifts, so if you would like to order a product please contact the supplier as quick as possible.

Starters makeup gift sets

Starters makeup gift sets are a great present to young girls who are just starting to experiment with different kinds of cosmetics. These starter makeup sets contain a small assortment of different makeup products to give her a good selection of colors and products to choose from, but without them feeling overwhelmed. From these starters kits it is easy to expand or replace makeup products to suit her tastes.

Face makeup gift sets

With a face makeup gift set you can have all kinds of different products in a makeup organizer, box or bag. There are gift sets with moisturizer, foundation and highlighter but also complexion starter kits to give you a radiant, healthy looking skin. These gift sets contain primers, foundation, a brush and sometimes even a makeup bag or clutch to carry it around. If you are hesitant about the colors, you can also opt for a customizable set, where you can select the colors you want. There are even limited-edition highlighting powder gift sets that provide a natural-looking, radiant glow. The different powders highlight the skin with light-reflecting pigments for a luminous finish that complements all skin tones.

Lip makeup gift sets

While there are different makeup gift sets which contain a basic selection of a mascara, lipgloss and nail polish for example, there are also makeup gift sets which focus on one kind of makeup product. Take the lip makeup gift sets for example, which contain a few lipsticks in a range of beautiful colors. There are lipstick sets with only nude colors, but also makeup gift sets which contain the ‘basic colors’ like nudes, soft pink and red. The lipsticks can provide your customer with a saturated color and wightless coverage and these sets are ideal if your customer is a fan of a specific beauty brand. Usually the prices of these makeup gift sets are slightly below the price of what loose makeup products would cost, and the special cases and bags are an extra eyecatcher in your salon, spa or store.

Eye makeup gift sets

Eye makeup gift sets usually contain at least a mascara, mostly combined with an eyeliner. Sometimes eyeshadow and mascara primers are also added, depending on the beauty brand and the occasion. With an eye makeup gift set you can easily create a beautiful look for everyday wear or a night out. Mascara makes the eyes pop and eyeliner intensifies the look. Are you looking for a makeup gift set for the eyelashes or brows? In this makeup category you can also find eyebrow and eyelash makeup gift sets for wholesale.

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