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Makeup remover is an important part of your everyday beauty routine. You will get customers who go all out with tinted moisturizer, corrector, foundation and powder and customers who only use a tinted moisturizer. At the end of the day however, that makeup still needs to get off. If you don’t, your skin will end up clogged, inflamed and accelerate the aging process.  On our wholesale b2b beauty trade platform you will find makeup removers for wholesale, just browse through our category to find all the products you need.

Wholesale makeup remover

Almost all makeup removers are harmless to the skin, but the ingredients in a makeup remover matter. A harmful effect will mostly depend on the specific product that is being used and the skin type of the person who is using the product. For people with sensitive skin a makeup remover might be irritating for the skin. Especially alcohol-based makeup removers can give a irritating reaction on the sensistive skin and have a drying effect. That does not mean there are no removers for people with sensitive skin. If you advise them a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free makeup remover in a creamy of liquid form, it works well on sensitive skin types. Read the product descriptions to see which products are suitable for sensitive skin and contact the supplier if you have any questions about a specific skin condition like rosacea or eczema.

Wholesale makeup remover wipes, towels, pads and cloths

Besides the different ingredients in makeup removers, there are also a few ways to apply them to get makeup off. There are remover solutions which you dab on a cotton pad and wipes across your face, but also makeup remover wipes, which dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and makeup for a clean and fresh skin in one easy step. Or how about makeup remover towels, or remover pads and remover cloths? Some products are also specifically formulated for the gentle eye area, so your customer can use the remover on their whole face.

Natural makeup remover for wholesale

If you are looking for natural makeup removers, you can also find a selection of natural products the suppliers connected to our platform have uploaded. If you have a customer which has a rather sensitive skin, a natural makeup remover with coconut oil could be a great way to remover makeup. It will moisturize the skin at the same time, leaving your customer with a soft and healthy looking skin. Some suppliers also offer makeup removing wipes with natural ingredients, which are perfect if you’re in a hurry and would love to skip a night time routine. Find the natural makeup remover for wholesale you are looking for on our wholesale beauty platform

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