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Makeup sanitizers should have an important place in everyone’s beautycase. If not, advise your customers to buy a sanitizer now. They know hand hygiene is an extremely important factor in preventing infection, but what about makeup products they apply on their lips, face and eyes every day? ‘Oh, but I’m the only one who uses it’ is not a valid argument here. Bacteria from the environment and natural oil in the skin can easily pollute makeup products. By using a makeup sanitizer you can prevent or remove the bacteria from the makeup products, leaving you with fresh and clean products that look as new. Find all the wholesale makeup sanitizers on our b2b beauty trade platform and contact the suppliers if you have any questions about the product use or the ingredients.

Wholesale makeup sanitizer spray and mist

Sanitizer spray and mist is perfect to use on pressed powder for example, but also on eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers and even cream-based products like compact foundation, concealers and cream blush and eyeshadows. A sanitizer will remove bacteria from the makeup without altering it or drying it out. Therefore your foundation for example will not glaze after frequent use, but keep its clean and new look.

Sanitizer wipes

The lips and the eyes are the most sensitive parts of het skin on the face, and it is the makeup products used for these areas that can easily get polluted by bacteria. If you reapply your lipstick after dining for example, food particles might get in your lipstick and pollute it with bacteria. Especially lip gloss and mascaras with wand applicators can hold bacteria easily, as they are pushed back deep inside the formula. Using makeup sanitizer wipes on the lipstick or mascara after each use will help to prevent bacteria from getting into the tubes.These wipes are rather small and can be easily taken along on travels. Find the sanitizer wipes for wholesale on our b2b marketplace.

Brush cleansers

Not only makeup products can get polluted by bacteria, makeup brushes are also a big culprit in spreading bacteria on your face as well as your makeup. It is recommended to at least clean makeup brushes every two weeks, but most customers won’t have the time to do that. It takes up time and it is not a fun thing to do. A brush cleanser however quickly dissolves all makeup residue while leaving the brushes clean, soft and fresh. Some brush cleanser are formulated with alcohol, while other are oil-based. Just spray the brush cleanser on the brush and swipe the makeup brush across a paper towel. The makeup residue will stay behind and the brush will be dry in seconds. Find these brush cleansers in our makeup tools and accessories category.  

Makeup Sanitisers