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Are you looking for wholesale nail supplies for your nail salon or store? On our beauty supply platform you will find not only decorative nail products like nail art and polish, but also personal care products like cuticle care. I Trade Beauty houses a large variety of nail products that will suit your every need: nail polish, French manicure, fake nails, nail art, cuticle care, hand and nail creams, removers and different kinds of tools and accessoires. Browse through our online supply platform to find all the wholesale nail supplies you need. 

Wholesale nail polish

Nail polish makes a nail stronger and it looks beautiful as well. A nail polish is part of the overall appearance of someone and can add to the impression a person would like to make. A subtle color or a French manicure will give off a calm and sophisticated impression, while a bright color is playful or sporty. No matter what kind of impression your customer would like to leave, on I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale nail polish to match. To maintain the perfect color and brightness of your polish we also offer top and base coats, some of which are quick drying as well. To try a new color, please use one of our nail polish removers to clean the nails and prepare them for a new polish. Looking for other wholesale nail supplies? You can find nail correctors and other nail products in the menu on the left. 

Wholesale nail art and false nails

A beautifully polished nail can of course be decorated with nail art. On I Trade Beauty we offer many different kinds of wholesale nail art: nail stickers, decals, rhinestones, stamps, glitters, 3D nail art, foil and airbrush nail designs. Besides decorating we also have many different false nails in our assortment. French manicure false nails to easily create that sophisticated look and heavily decorated false nails for a great night out.

Wholesale hand and nail creams

Besides the nail itself it is also important to take care of the area around the nail. The nail cuticle acts as a protective barrier, preventing bacteria from entering the nail bed and causing an infection. With the creams and oils on I Trade Beauty nail cuticles will become or stay healthy and will keep the nail protected. Using one of our moisturizing creams and oils will protect the skin of the hands. Select the wholesale nail supplies tab in our menu to see an overview of all the hand and nail creams we have to offer. 

Nail supplies