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The French manicure is meant to make the nails look natural. The white half moon at the top of the nails is typical for the nail style, as well as the natural nail polish to finish the rest of the nail. Sometimes the nail itself is coated with a soft pink color or sandy color, as long as it is soft and light. If you are looking for wholesale French manicure polish and products for your nail salon and spa, you will find them in this category.

Wholesale French manicure base coat

Most beauty professionals start the French manicure with a base coat. You can use a transparent base coat (which is also mostly used), but recently there has been a preference for base coats with a subtle soft pink or white. This polish is transparent and you will only need one layer of this base coat for a beautiful shine. Find all the wholesale French manicure base coat here on I Trade Beauty.

Wholesale French manicure nail polish

For the well-known white tips we advise you to use a high-quality nail polish with excellent coverage. The nail polish can’t be too thick or too thin, to prevent the layer from cracking and flaking. You can find the wholesale French manicure nail polish on our beauty platform. If you prefer to work with templates or stickers you can also find a large selection in this category, or the tools and accessories- category.

Wholesale French manicure top coat

The top coat serves to seal the coat and white tip together, protecting them against chipping and breaking. Usually the top coat is transparent, although some clients might prefer a glitter polish instead. Find all the wholesale French manicure top coats on our beauty supply platform.  

Wholesale nail polish remover

Even beauty professionals can spill a little polish here and there. With nail polish remover you can easily remove old nail polish and any mistakes you might have made. We have nail polish remover and nail correctors, so please browse through our category to find all the wholesale nail polish remover you need. 

French Manicure