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Beautiful nails are a great way to add a finishing touch to an outfit, and there is always a colour that matches the outfit and mood. A traditional pink colour or a more adventurous red, which one suits the day and place? Of course there is also the option to decorate the nails with nail art after the polish is dry. Glitter creates a festive look, while a sand effect calls forth an image of sun, sea and well, sand. On I Trade Beauty we offer many different hues of nail polish, which can be beautified by the wholesale nail art products we have to offer, perfect for a beauty salon or nail salon. If you rather use false nails to create a fantastic look; we also have wholesale false nails of international brands in our assortment.

Wholesale nail art

With nail art there are almost endless possibilities, since it’s like you’re having ten tiny canvasses you can paint on and decorate anything you want. Some women may prefer a simple design with a few different gradients of colour and a flower, while others might enjoy wearing an intricate design with glitter, gems, lace and rhinestones. No matter if you are looking for a subtle or a glam look, on our platform you will find all the wholesale nail art you might need to create nails that enhance the beauty of your customers.

Wholesale false nails

Nail art can of course also be applied to false nails, which opens the possibility of elaborate designs since the nails can be as long as your customers like. Soms women choose to only strengthen the nails and add a subtle length, while others prefer nails at least half an inch longer than their own nails. If you are looking for acrylic nails or wholesale gel nails, then you will find a selection of high quality brands in our false nails assortment. Get your wholesale acrylic nails and gel nails on I Trade Beauty. 

Nail Art & False Nails