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Traditionally, nail polish started in clear colors like red, pink, purple and black. However today there is a wide variety of wholesale colored nail polish available on the market. Your clients might ask for a polish beyond solid colors like flakes or speckled nail polish. Or they would love to get decorations like nail art glitters and stickers. Does your client have weak or torn nails? On I Trade Beauty you will not only find wholesale nail polish in all kinds of colors, but also wholesale nail hardeners to prevent nails from breaking.

Wholesale base coat

A beautiful nail polish all starts with a good base coat. Usually this type of nail polish is clear, transparent or slightly milky-colored. Recently a slightly pink hue has been favored by many women when getting a French manicure. Some wholesale base coats on I Trade Beauty are also ridge fillers, which fill up the ridges that appear on unbuffed nails.

Wholesale top coat

There are tons of different nail polish finishes, and on I Trade Beauty we strive to offer you all those kinds. Whether you are looking for a shimmer-, or glitter nail polish, or a wholesale nail polish with frost effect or creme, you will find it on our platform. We also offer different kinds of wholesale color-changing nail polish like iridescent, opalescent and duo-chrome nail polish. If your clients like to try the magnetic nail polish trend or the crackle nail polish trend you will find these in different colors on our beauty platform.

Wholesale gel polish

Gel polish is like the longer-lasting variant of nail polish and needs to dry under a UV-lamp or UV-LED. Gel polish can also last up to two weeks and is therefore favored by many women and also nail technicians for a manicure. You can find the wholesale gel polish in this category.

Wholesale nail hardener

With all the fancy colors and accessories you would almost forget there are also different kinds of nail polish that help you harden the nail. If you client has a broken or torn nail, a wholesale nail hardener might help to restore the nail and make it healthy again, without having to pull it out. On our beauty supply platform you will find a selection of wholesale nail hardeners at your disposal. 

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