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Looking for wholesale nail polish remover? A pretty set of freshly painted fingers and toes to show off in flip-flops or high heels look amazing and add a little extra to the overall appearance. However, removing nail polish can be quite a task. Although beauty professionals know how to quickly remove old nail polish to replace it with a new design, they do need the right products to start with a clean set of nails. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale nail polish removers from international nail polish remover suppliers.

Acetone nail polish remover wholesale

Acetone nail polish remover is a quite powerful solvent and it works quick to remove any nail polish on the nail. If you are looking for wholesale acetone nail polish remover you will find different brands that offer it on our platform. Just browse through our category to find all the wholesale nail polish remover you might need for your nail salon, spa or drugstore.

Wholesale nail polish remover without aceton

Nail polish remover with aceton is a very quick and easy way to remove the old nail polish. However, if your client is allergic to it or has a sensitive skin, it might be better to use a nail polish remover without aceton, or a natural or organic remover. On our beauty supply platform you will find wholesale nail polish removers without aceton. These removers use a solvent, just not acetone. Most wholesale non-acetone removers have less agressive solvents like propylene carbonate, ethyl acetate and isopropyl alcohol. Most non-acetone removers also have moisturizing agents in them so the drying effect will be minimized. However, a non-acetone remover don’t work as quick or as well as acetone. If you have te remove a French manicure a non-acetone remover is very suitable.

Wholesale nail polish remover pen

Besides the flagons and pads to remove nail polish, there are also nail polish remover pens available for wholesale. These pens are sorted under our subcategory nail correctors. With these pens you will be able to easily remove any excess nail polish from the ridges of the skin around the nail. These pens are also available with and without aceton. Find all the wholesale nail polish remover pens in the nail corrector category. 

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