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Are you looking for wholesale nail tools and accessories for your salon or store? To assist you in maintaining healthy nails on hands and feet, you will find wholesale nail tools and accessories on I Trade Beauty. Buffers for example polish the nail using buffers of successively finer grit to make nails looks healthier and consistent. If you prefer to clip them we also have different clippers available, and if the nails are quite long it might be beneficial to use nail scissors to cut the nails. Search our category to find all the wholesale manicure tools and wholesale pedicure tools your salon or store might need.

Wholesale callus remover tools

Callus can form quickly under the feet if you walk around all day. The area’s callus forms the quickest is usually the heels and big toes. To treat this callus without damaging the feet, we offer different callus remover tools that not only take care of the callus but will also leave the feet of your customers soft and ready to wear flip-flops.

Wholesale nippers

Ingrown nails cause mostly a lot of pain and discomfort since they pierce the skin on the sides of the finger or toe. Nippers are especially designed to allow you to easily get access to those hard to get into corners of the toenails and get rid of those painful toenails. On our platform you will find not only regular nail nippers with a curve, but also nippers specially designed with a straight shape to ensure the nails will not grown to the sides again. These nippers can also be used for the cuticles. On I Trade Beauty we have special wholesale cuticle nippers in our assortment, which can be used to carefully nip off the hangnail attatched to the skin. 

Tools & Accessories