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Feet have a hard life: they are pushed into sneakers or crammed into boots, while many women also prefer teetering on stilettos. And the feet have to endure all day long. Still, many people forget to care of their feet since they are tucked away in socks, pantyhoses and shoes. On I Trade Beauty you will find  a range of wholesale pedicure products to give feet the care they deserve. We offer treatments to get rid of the hard skin that accumulates at the pressure points on the feet, and nourishing creams to relax the skin that is so heavily used every day.

Wholesale pedicure for men and women

Contrary to popular belief, pedicures are not just for women. Luckily more and more men also discover the benefits of a basic pedicure. In beauty salons it usually means that the feet are cleaned and nail care and foot massages are also provided. Receiving a pedicure can help to detect early signs of corns and bunions, but also infections like athlete's feet and ingrowing nails. It is also beneficial for the skin’s moisture, which decreases the chance to get blisters, crakes or other foot problems. On our platform you will find different creams and gels to moisturize the skin, but also wholesale exfoliators and tools and accessories to maintain healthy feet.

Nails and cuticles

While taking care of the nails on the feet it is of course vital to care for the cuticles as well. Often they can get in the way of beautiful-looking nails. Cutting the cuticles could lead to an infection as many people know, so we suggest to soften the cuticles with a moisturizing cream if possible. Is cutting the cuticle necessary, then we also offer cuticle nippers with a special design so the chance of getting an infection are minimal. You will find different moisturizing creams and nippers from international beauty brands on our platform. Please browse through our category to find all the wholesale pedicure supplies you might need.