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Are you looking for wholesale quick dry nail polish? It could save you a lot of time while attending to your clients. Of course it’s great that your client has chosen a beautiful design, but with a base coat, base color, nail art and top coat it would take a long time if you do not have a dryer on hand. (if you need a nail dryer, definitely check our tools and accessories-category) If you would like to save time, a quick dry nail polish might be the kind of nail polish for you. Browse through this category to find all the wholesale quick dry nail polish from different international suppliers.

Wholesale quick dry nail polish brands

Most large nail polish brands also have a few quick dry nail polishes in their assortment. Think of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, or the TopShop Matte nail polishes for example. If you rather work with your favorite colors and then make them dry faster, you could always use a drying agent on top, like the  Essie Drying drops or the OPI Rapidri spray. We have many different brands in our assortment, so please browse through our wholesale quick dry nail polish category to see all the brands we currently have in our assortment. If you miss a supplier, definitely send them an email with a link to the registering-page. It’s free for them and you can order the moment their company is registered.

Best wholesale quick dry nail polish

With so many brands it can sometimes be a tedious task to select the right polish for your nail salon, spa or drugstore. Which one is the best? On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale quick dry nail polish suppliers from all over the world, so you are able to compare the best brands and select the ones best suited to your beauty business. And perhaps you are surprised by a few smaller brands who are not yet widely-known. 

Quick Dry Nail Polish