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Are you looking for wholesale nail polish top coats and base coats? As a beauty professional you know how important these coats are. They protect the nails against discoloring, makes them smooth and protect the colored polish against chipping and tearing. On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale top coats and wholesale base coats to provide your clients with optimal nail care.

Wholesale top coat nail polish

I Trade Beauty has multiple sizes and colors of wholesale top coat nail polish. The polish adheres quickly and forms a protective layer over your design. Whether you are looking for a top coat with a matte finish, a frost effect or a shimmer-look, you will find it on our beauty supply platform. In our wholesale top coat nail polish category you will find polish from different international brands to supply your nail salon, spa or drugstore.

Wholesale base coat nail polish

On our beauty platform you will find wholesale base coat nail polish, to create a smooth base for your beautiful nail designs. We offer the commonly used transparent base coat as well as base coats which are transparent but have a touch of color. Usually the color is a light pink or white, but other colors are also possible. Just browse through our category for our assortment of wholesale base coat nail polish.

Wholesale base and top coat gel

I Trade Beauty has many wholesale gel polish that acts like a top coat or polish that is perfect for a base coat. We offer top coats with a glossy effect which are quick to dry. Most beauty professionals use both a gel base and top coat so they not only have the time to create perfect designs and arches, but can also protect the nails of their clients.  Browse through our category to see what kind of wholesale top and base coats we have in our online assortment. 

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