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Are you looking for wholesale mens perfume for your perfumery, beauty salon, department store or drugstore? On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale mens fragrances with both strong and subtle scents, like cologne and body spray. We also have mens deodorant in our assortment, as well as wholesale aftershave. Please browse through our category to find all the mens perfume you need.

Wholesale mens perfume - cologne

A meeting at the office will ask for a more subtle scent than a night out. No matter what your customer is looking for, with our assortment of wholesale cologne you will be able to attend to their needs and preferences.

Wholesale mens body spray

Body spray is a light scent compared to perfume and cologne, it only has a tiny bit of scented oils. They tend to smell the same on everyone because of the essential oils in them. Unlike mens cologne, which mixes with the skin chemistry to give customers a unique scent. If you have customers that are looking for a subtle and light scent, a body spray might be the right choice for them. All our wholesale mens body spray are available in this category wholesale mens perfume.

Wholesale mens deodorant

To fight off unpleasant smells from hard labour our suppliers also offer mens deodorants in the wholesale mens perfume - category. These products also help to keep the underarm free from bacterial activity. Some body sprays are also sold as deodorants, so customers will have the option of wearing them to mask odor as well. We offer wholesale mens deodorant from international suppliers, so there will always be a product to suit your customers needs.

Wholesale aftershave

Many men are used to use both aftershave and cologne. The cologne is used for its scent, while the aftershave is used to soothe the skin after shaving. Most aftershaves do have a subtle scent, although it will be quite weak compared to cologne. The scents of an aftershave will also fade after a few hours, while cologne does not. If you require wholesale aftershave, please do not hesitate to search our wholesale mens perfume - category to find the right products for your salon, department store or drugstore. 

Mens perfume