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Are you searching for wholesale body powders and scented soap to buy for your parfumery, beauty salon, department store or spa? On our beauty supply platform you will find an assortment body powders and soap from international suppliers. These products are a welcome variety on the perfume and cologne, since not every man or woman is able to find a fragrance they love. Besides the aftershaves, body sprays and body mists there are also scented soaps and body powders available for wholesale on our platform. Please browse through our category to see all the wholesale body powders and scented soaps we have in our assortment.

Wholesale body powder

Many women use a deodorant daily, and some even use an eau de parfum, but they forget about other parts of the body that also deserve some attention. How about the feet for example? Body powder is a great way to help you stay dry and maintain a fresh scent. Since women are not likely to use a deoroller on their feet or knee-pits (and they are probably even less inclined to do so with a deodorant spray), body powder can be a great solution. Customers just need to apply the powder to any area they believe could get sticky. Body powders are also perfect for women who do not like the heavier scent of perfume, but still love a subtle fragrance.

Wholesale scented soap

Another quick way to add a nice scent to a product your customer probably already uses is to choose a scented soap. It keeps the skin on their hands and arms from drying out, and they get a lovely fragrance as a bonus. These scented soaps are filled with herbs and oils that will nourish your skin and maintain the natural oils of the skin, keeping is soft and smooth. For all the wholesale scented soaps we would encourage you to browse through our category to see all I Trade Beauty’s suppliers have to offer. 

Body powder & scented soap