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Are you a buyer for a perfumery, beauty salon, spa or department store? On I Trade Beauty you will find wholesale womens perfume from international suppliers, accessible to you from one account. Of course it is difficult to shop for perfume online if you are not familiar with the fragrance, because how does it smell? A clear description underneath our products also contains a list with notes, which are the scents of the perfume. The first note (or top note) is what you will smell first about a fragrance, then the second (heart note) and the third (base note). Perfume has the highest percentage of fragrance ingredients and some base notes will stay potent for up to an entire day after application. Browse through our category to find all the wholesale womens perfume you need for your perfumery, spa or department store.

Wholesale eau de parfum

Eau de parfum has the highest percentage of fragrance ingredients after perfume (between 10 and 20 percent). Eau de parfum is the most widely used scent amongst women. Eau de parfum usually costs less than perfume, however it will nog linger as long. For all the wholesale eau de parfum please browse through our category.

Wholesale womens eau de toilette

Eau de toilette contains less fragrance ingredients than perfume and eau de perfume. Compared to perfume and eau de perfume, eau de toilette does not linger that long (it depends on the brand how much of a difference there is) and the scent is also more subtle than the other scents.

Body spray and body mist

If your customer prefers a light scent instead of perfume of eau de toilette, a body spray or body mist might be a good alternative. This spray or mist can be used throughout the day, and women can easily spray a little extra before going out for example. All our wholesale body spray and wholesale body mist is available in this category.

Wholesale womens deodorant

A long day at work, a great work-out… all this excercise cause women to sweat, and of course they would not want anyone to smell that. One of the wholesale deodorants on our beauty supply platform could help your customer to keep the underarms free of bacteria and mask the odor. Some deodorants are scented with sweet notes, others are kept as neutral as possible. No matter which scent preference your customer has, on I Trade Beauty you will find a deodorant to match. 

Womens perfume