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Are you looking for wholesale skin care products? As a buyer for a beauty salon, spa or store you are well aware that your skin is your identity card: it shows how you feel and with a skin that is being cared for you will feel well and vice versa! To help you tend to the skin of your customers, I Trade Beauty offers an extensive collection of wholesale skin care products that will fit the needs of every skin type. We have lotions, serums and creams for normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, etc. Browse through our platform to find all the skin care products you need.

Cleansers and exfoliators

While tending to the skin it is of course important to regularly rinse it. Using a cleanser helps to clean the skin of your customer from dead skin cells, makeup or splotches. Exfoliators unclog pores and make the skin smooth. Together these products will keep the skin healthy, elastic and vibrant. On I Trade Beauty you will find an assortment of wholesale skin care products compromised of high quality brands. Our wholesale cleansers and exfoliators can also be used for different skin types like normal, oily, dry, and sensitive skin to fit the needs of every customer. 

Wholesale anti aging products and moisturizer

Skin care products not only keep the skin healthy, they also provide protection against bad skin conditions like a dry skin, acne and cellulite. Moisturizers are used to softening and brightening the skin and it's often used to prevent wrinkles and damage from the sun. On I Trade Beauty you will find these products from different international brands, as well as other wholesale skin care products involving anti-aging like anti wrinkle cream and serum. 

Eye care and lip care

The skin area around the eyes and lips is very vulnerable and can determine the overall appearance of someone. Think about dark circles or puffiness underneath the eyes or dry lips, which are (unfortunately) a very common sight. To prevent or get rid of this tedious view I Trade Beauty offers a selection of eye care products like eye creams and concentrates, eye gels and serums and eye masks and pillows. We also offer different wholesale lip balms and lip moisturizers in our wholesale skin care products category.

Skin Care products