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Are you looking for wholesale anti aging products? When people get older, their skin changes. It is a natural change and nothing to be concerned about, although the skin might need a different kind of care than before. The skin might become less elastic or less smooth. An anti-aging cream can be of help in that it ensures the elasticity of the skin and softens it, creating a fresh and healthy appearance. On I Trade Beauty you will find creams that will fit almost every skin type: normal, dry, sensitive etc. Browse through our category to find all the anti-aging products you need. 

First signs of aging

Most anti-aging creams state age 30 to 45 as the age to start using an anti-aging cream. From that moment on the skin will slowly loose some elasticity and firmness and could use a little help. The wholesale anti-aging creams on I Trade Beauty will help to slow down the essential skin cells senescence and contrast the skin photo-ageing. The creams will also help to protect against UV- damage from the sun. The creams are suitable for dry and normal skins and are perfect to use for those first signs of aging.

Wholesale anti aging day and night cream

Because the skin enters a different fase when people get older, it is important to keep supporting the skin, thereby contributing to the restoration of essence. At night the skin is also working, so therefore it is important to give it a little extra care. On I Trade Beauty you will find both wholesale anti aging day cream and wholesale anti aging night cream, available for all skin types: dry, normal, oily and sensitive skin.

Wholesale anti aging eye cream

Because the skin around the eyes is extra vulnerable, it is recommended to use a special cream to prevent wrinkles under the eyes. On our beauty platform you will find anti aging eye creams that stimulate collageen production and moisturize your skin, which helps to prevent dryness without causing puffy eyes.

Wholesale anti aging lip balm and cream

The lips are often the most overlooked patch of skin with anti-aging care, and yet they are endlessly getting licked, rubbed and slathered with makeup. Since the skin of the lips is four of even five times thinner than the rest of the face, it is important to not only care for the lips but also protect them against future damage from the outside. The different wholesale anti aging lip balm and cream on I Trade Beauty moisturize the eyes and lips, replenishes age-related lost softness and volume, and works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Check our overview to see all the balms, lotions, creams and serums we have in our assortment.