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Are you a buyer for a beauty business like a salon, spa or store or are you the owner? Do you wish to buy beauty products you are familiar with or are you looking for new brands to add to your assortment? An anti-aging day cream is a very populair choice. Find all the wholesale anti-aging day cream from international suppliers in this category. If you are a supplier of wholesale anti-aging day cream and would like to upload your products in this category, you can apply for a free membership and after your registration is completed you can start uploading your products immediately.

Wholesale day cream with anti-aging

Nowadays people are starting their skin care routine early, and when they are 25 years old they start looking at skin care products with anti-aging properties. An anti-aging day cream does not only have anti-aging properties like boosting the collagen production and boost firmness, but is also a great way to moisturize the skin. Some wholesale anti-aging day cream also contains fragrant blends with lavender, rose, peppermint or camomile for example.

Wholesale anti-aging day cream with spf

The sun is one of the causes of fine lines and wrinkles, so protecting the skin against the sun is very important. You could advise your customers to use an anti-aging day cream and a sunscreen, or you combine them in one lotion or cream. Wholesale anti-aging day cream with spf will protect the skin against UV-radiation, is non-greasy and soaks quick into the skin.  

Extra hydrating anti-aging day cream

Anti-aging day creams which contain shea butter and various oils suit dry skintones and mature complexions. Customers can also use it to increase the hydration of the skin in the colder months of the year.

Wholesale anti-aging stem cell day cream

The modern anti-aging day creams in this category all seem to seamlessly blend botanicals, bioactive and hi-tech ingredients together to get a smooth, supple skin. More and more brands have also embraced the special properties of plant stem cells like gardenia, which not only keep the skin supple, but also reduce the slackening around the chin and neck. Add to that, the botanicals, vitamin A and oils plump out the appearance of wrinkles, boost collagen and repair skin damage. Sensitive skin will particularly benefit from the anti-aging day creams with plant stem cells.  

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